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Of course, the most obvious way to detect a personal hearing loss is to recognize your difficulty hearing during regular activities: your TV is never loud enough, you keep missing the doorbell or the telephone, you cannot fully comprehend conversations, you cannot locate where sounds are coming from, and the list goes on. However, hearing loss usually creeps up on you slowly. This makes you adapt and adjust to the small changes so that you don’t even notice. Most people with hearing loss still feel their hearing is normal because their perception of normal changes. Not being able to hear properly and being in complete denial about it is therefore quite common.


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Slowly but surely, people are starting to prioritize hearing loss in their personal healthcare habits. It has taken a while, but not being able to hear properly is finally, and rightfully, being recognized as a detriment to one’s day-to-day life.


Perhaps this is due to an increased amount of information being made available about hearing loss and its consequences on family, social, and professional life. Hearing loss is proven to negatively affect relationships including marriages, intimacy, income levels, stress, anxiety, mental health, and the list goes on. These effects may have finally convinced people to finally stop yelling “WHAT DID YOU SAY,” and instead start fixing their hearing. (more…)

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Legendary Toronto Maple Leaf Bobby Baun participates in Better Speech and Hearing Month events in Peterborough

Peterborough, Ontario, May 17th, 2010: Four time Stanley Cup winner Bobby Baun connected with the residents of Peterborough recently by sharing his experience of living with hearing loss. To promote Better Speech & Hearing Month, Helix Hearing Care Centre, on Hunter Street, held an open house promoting hearing health awareness and the importance of better hearing.

The event offered hearing screenings, evaluations, demonstrations of the latest hearing aid technology, plus the opportunity to meet the hockey legend. When asked why he got involved with Better Speech and Hearing Month, Bobby stated, “I think it’s important to get the message out that there are solutions for hearing loss that can improve your quality of life. Once you get the help you need you’ll understand what I mean. I feel like I’m involved in the world again, not just a spectator, I love hearing everything!”

Hearing loss is caused not only by aging, but by exposure to loud noises. It is the fastest growing, and one of the most prevalent, chronic conditions facing Canadians today. Unfortunately, it is increasingly becoming a problem for younger Canadians too, whose lifestyles are now inundated with loud noises from personal hearing devices and other sources.

Jeff Geigel, president of Helix, said that his company “spotlights Better Speech and Hearing Month every year in order to encourage Canadians to view hearing care as an integral and important part of their overall health. During the month of May, we try to eliminate the stigma that keeps Canadians from addressing their hearing problems because studies show that it is a serious medical problem. Thankfully, Mr. Baun jumped on board to help us get the message out.”

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