Introducing WIDEX BEYOND


The BEYOND hearing aid app lets you control your hearing aids directly from your phone, allowing you to adjust settings such as volume, sound direction, tinnitus management and more.

More Connectivity More Sound

Always connected from your hearing aids to all devices

Widex BEYOND keeps you connected to your iPhone – but it doesn’t stop there. You can connect to your home phone, televisions and many other devices using the Widex DEX accessories range for your hearing aids. All sound is transferred directly into your hearing aids.

Advanced sound quality

The Widex BEYOND sound is way ahead of our competitors. It gives you an incredibly advanced overall sound quality. Your sound is always optimized based on your environment. When you enter a restaurant or cafe your hearing aid will switch to a program optimizing your hearing to that specific situation.

Highly Customizable More Power

With the WIDEX BEYOND™ hearing aid, wearers finally have a device that provides exceptional 2.4 GHz direct connectivity and leading-edge sound.

With a customizable app allowing full streaming functionality and control over their listening environment, hearing aid wearers are seamlessly connected anywhere and anytime.

More battery power for longer

Widex BEYOND hearing aids consume less power than other similar hearing aids – you can use your hearing aids and stream sound to them for much longer without having to change your battery.

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